Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I have many books for sale on Amazon

 I have many books for sale on Amazon under authors name: dePace'

Look for this picture 


I’m a self-taught author and digital artist. 

I had to retire early due to my wife’s health and the needs of our special needs adopted son. Which has left us in a tight financial bind like many people… Now, degenerative disc disease has caused some health issues for me as well.

We live in a rural area in east Tennessee, so trying to earn a living online is my best bet. Trouble is that sales are almost nonexistent. Even with over 1000 paperbacks on Amazon under the pen name: dePace’. (for some reason, some books pop up that are not mine under my pen name) I also have digital art through Redbubble under:  https://www.tshirtofficials.com/. 

My goal was to pay off our mortgage of around $66,000 with my online sales. Not looking too good thus far. I’m not one to give up. I’ll try, try, and try again. Nothing to lose and everything to gain… I do believe GOD blesses our efforts.

If you see something you like, I would appreciate the order. If it suits you, please tell someone. It would be much appreciated. 

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